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Macquarie Dictionary Celebrates 40 Years of ‘Shameless’ Australian English | Australia News

Today, 40 years have passed since the launch of the first edition of the Macquarie Dictionary – the first comprehensive and truly Australian publication of its kind. The publication of the Macquarie was a symbolic abandonment of colonial English and cultural cringe. (The word “bludger” appeared early on – but “bogan” had to wait for […]

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I think we now need a new dictionary

When I grew up in South London in the 1950s and 1960s my school insisted that because I was studying English language and literature for my “O” levels, I would need a dictionary. The book which then became a part of my daily life and, subsequently, my education was “The Oxford English Dictionary”. However, looking […]

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Humor by Rehana Munir: D is for dictionary

One of the sweetest pleasures in life is finding an old love. I’m currently enjoying the rebirth of one of those romances, with a well-dressed Oxford charmer whose linguistic brilliance reduces me to a cheerful idiot. I now know what a Mr. Tharoor feels like. The attractions of a pocket dictionary, the kind you wear […]

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In a nutshell: How to insert your new word in the dictionary

How do words enter dictionaries? A few months ago, I wrote a column on long words. I noted there that the longest word recognized by the good people at Merriam-Webster was considerably shorter than some of the long words recognized by their competitors. So why is this? “Famous,” they say, “the ‘longest word in the […]


The unofficial guide to Dunder Mifflin’s office

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write things that we love and think you will like, too. If you purchase a product that we have recommended, we may receive an affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. Listen, Electric City! In a move that Michael Scott would deem worthy of a Dundie Award, […]

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A ‘NEET’ dictionary for Marathi students | Nagpur News

Nagpur: Entering English words into the medical curriculum can indeed be a challenge for those coming from vernacular language schools and now a single dictionary aims to provide a little help. The NGO Lift For Upliftment (LFU), which is currently training tribal children for the medical entrance exam in Gadchiroli, will release the dictionary on […]


Customs Tariff Manual

BOOK REVIEW Doulot Akter Mala | Posted: Aug 26, 2021 9:33:15 PM | Update: Aug 29, 2021 8:45:28 PM Tax rates for a longer period or the gradual increase or decrease in taxes with specific planning is considered one of the key tax measures to attract investment. Bangladeshi businesses have long called for gradual reductions […]

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387 “Martyrs of Moplah” will be deleted from the Dictionary of Martyrs of the Freedom Struggle of India

The leaders of the rebellion of Malabar Variamkunnath Kunhamed Haji, Ali Musaliar and 387 other “martyrs of Moplah” will be removed from the Dictionary of the Martyrs of the Freedom Struggle of India. A three-member panel, which reviewed the entries in the fifth volume of the dictionary, published by the Indian Council for Historical Research […]

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Dictionary.com adds over 300 new words and definitions: NPR

Dictionary.com has added over 300 new words and definitions, including “yeet” and “oof”, which reflect the changing world. Karen Bleier / AFP via Getty Images hide caption toggle legend Karen Bleier / AFP via Getty Images Dictionary.com has added over 300 new words and definitions, including “yeet” and “oof”, which reflect the changing world. Karen […]