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Again the refrigerator half empty. You go to the supermarket , buy more or less what you think you need, and even if you try to choose the cheapest products; When you get to the box, you don’t know how, you end up paying much more than you had in mind.

Does it sound to you The average monthly cost of Spaniards in the purchase is about € 380, but there are formulas for not spending so much. In Good Finance, a leading company in the microcredit sector, we want to help you reduce your food expenditure, but without conditioning your diet!

Plan the menus and make a list before buying

Plan the menus and make a list before buying

It may seem silly, but it is the best way to save time and money. Improvising always ends up being more expensive; That is why, planning what you are going to buy, you make sure to take home only what is just and necessary.

Eat seasonal foods: They are cheaper, and also healthier; Above all it is important to try not to buy prefabricated food: it is more expensive and less healthy.

Compare prices , look for offers, buy white brands

The price of the same product may vary according to the super. Quality and price do not always go hand in hand, so it is important to look for white label products that can meet our needs. Trick: instead of looking at the global price of the product, look at the price per kg: only then will you know which is the product that suits you the most! And as for the offers type 2 × 1 … beware! They help us save, yes, but only on those products that do not expire soon: cans, rice, hygiene products, etc.

Spend an entire afternoon cooking and freeze the portions: in this way, you will save money on fast food and also improve your diet with a healthier diet.

Buy without hunger and without children

Buy without hunger and without children

If you go to the supermarket on an empty stomach, it will be easier to succumb to temptation and end up taking unnecessary whims like snacks or pastries (which are also unhealthy). Children can also be a danger: they usually want sweets, chips or some toy they don’t need.

If even with these tricks you have trouble reaching the end of the month, remember that in Good Finance we put at your disposal up to € 300 in less than 15 minutes. Easy and comfortable: from home and without explanations! We help you? Click here

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